Creative tuesdays

    Creative Tuesday is a collective appointment with yourself.

    … Wut ? Well, it's about taking time for yourself during an evening to let you disconnect from reality, from work, from the usual stress and effectively create.
    But when we say 'create', we mean building, painting, writing, mixing, editing ... in short, creating in its broadest sense ! So, come with your materials, and dive in !
    Some ideas for activities carried out in previous sessions for inspiration: making an aloe vera gel, writing a novel, sewing a homemade carpet, making a photo album, drawing personalized invitations, painting a picture, store childhood memories, make a diy lampshade, ...

    See you there from 8pm 😃

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    • Date:19/07/2022 au 19/07/2022
    • Time:20:00 - 22:00
    • Cost:Free as always
    • Space(s):Ground floor