Heritage Days

    This year again, Les Halles Saint-Géry is participating in Heritage Days.

    Come and visit our exhibitions "Taking The Country's Side", "Queering Brussels" and participate in our wheelbarrow race co-produced by Bobbi Brewery.


    "Since 1989, the Heritage Days are one of the most awaited cultural events for thousands of visitors, whether they are from Brussels, Wallonia, Flanders or abroad,
    Flemings or foreigners.

    Heritage is a fluctuating notion that is built up year after year, notably through cultural actions such as this one. Each of us participates in his or her own way and certainly by taking part in these visits which, one after the other, assert trends, new affinities, reinterpretations of these same monuments, buildings that we think we know but which never cease to (re)question us in their own way. Let's remember that heritage serves to establish our common identity, but it also opens doors that are essential to our evolution. Heritage is a source of inspiration and, as we also know, it is the countries and cities that are the most conscious of their heritage that are often the most modern. Heritage has long been the preserve of historians and academics. Their rigor and their analyses are indispensable to us. But heritage is also a collective construction that involves each of us. Your role is essential, which is why we want these days to be a success.

    Bety WAKNINE Executive Director of Urban


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    • Date:17/09/2022 au 18/09/2022
    • Time:10:00 - 18:00
    • Cost:Free as always