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Plantes pour Tous

Plants for All is back!

As a reminder, all our selection is direct from the producer and arrives the morning of the first day of sale. We have no restocking during the weekend - First come, first served! Payment by credit card only


  • A maximum of plants at a minimum price (from 2€),
  • A unique choice in town (more than 150 varieties of plants), Monstera, Pilea, Ficus, Calathea*...,
  • Indoor plants direct from producers for a maximum of freshness,
  • Large plants and rare plants at 15€ and more,
  • Plants sorted by categories to help you make your choice (For beginners, shade plants, the indestructibles...),
  • A lot of accessories, pots, planters, macramé... to spice up your plants!

More info

  • Date:03/03/2023 au 05/03/2023
  • Time:10:00 - 18:00
  • Cost:Free registration
  • Duration:3 days
  • Type:Marché
  • Space(s):Ground floor