The BEIT Project

    The BEIT Project responds to the need to create a dialogue between young people from different social and cultural backgrounds through the study, observation and interpretation of their urban space and its history. For several days, pupils from two different schools will get to know each other and work together. Through an ephemeral and nomadic school that they install themselves in the Halles Saint-Géry, they will appropriate it by working on the traces of the past, the questions of society raised by these histories and video production. The main idea of the project is to transform the perception of diversity into a source of richness and to build a common dialogue, but also to develop a connection to the city through the interpretation of the traces of the past.

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    • Date:21/04/2022 au 07/06/2022
    • Time:10:00 - 18:00
    • Cost:free
    • Duration:3 weeks
    • Type:Formation
    • Space(s):Ground floor