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Wheelbarrow Race with Bobbi Brewery

Are you ready to compete with the most folkloric one-wheeled transport in Belgium? Bobbi brewery, based in Haut-Ittre and anchored in Brussels, is organizing during Heritage Days (Urban.brussels), in partnership with Halles Saint-Géry , the second edition of its Brussels "wheelbarrow race". Their goal: to work towards the recognition of the Belgian kermesse, and moreover the "wheelbarrow race", as an intangible heritage of UNESCO. 

You may know Bobbi Brewery for their craft and eco-responsible beers that highlight Belgian artists (stand-up, graffiti, DJs...). You may also have come across them during Brussels' last car-free day, surrounded by hay banks and wheelbarrows.

The wheelbarrow race, a devilishly fun practice, is also one of the most emblematic animations of Belgian neighborhood festivals.

"Wheelbarrow racing is part of our culture, our heritage. To popularize it again, as Cédric Gérard does, is essential to honor the Belgian kermesse, a sweet mixture between celebration and transmission." - Thierry Wauters, heritage officer at urban.brussels.

An emblematic place and day

What better place than the Halles Saint-Géry to celebrate the cultural heritage of the Brussels region? It is around the monument and exhibition center where Brussels was born that the second Brussels Wheelbarrow Race will take place. An event that delights all the members of the team, who intend to participate in the race.

"We are ready! The Halles team has already been trained for this race for a month. Putting heritage in the spotlight, it happens on the ground, in the Halles Saint-Géry in the middle of setting up our exhibitions, even in a wheelbarrow during Heritage Days! "Lucile de Calan, director of Halles Saint-Géry.

The race will take place on September 18, during the Heritage Days and the day without cars (but with wheelbarrows!).

Honour the Belgian heritage and win your weight in beer

The icing on the cake: for each winner of the wheelbarrow race (relay, endurance, classic, etc.), the participants (who must be of age) try their luck to win... their weight in Bobbi beers! A reward worthy of the effort and the Belgian heritage for this local and eco-responsible beer straight from Walloon Brabant.

In the four corners of Wallonia, in Brussels and soon in Flanders, Bobbi travels throughout Belgium to promote our culture and heritage. This summer, we could see the young brewery in Ittre for the 15th of August celebrations, in Charleroi for the Brocante des Quais, at the Uckel Air festival and soon around the Halles Saint-Géry for a wild wheelbarrow race. See you there?

Save The Date ! 1, place des Halles Saint-Géry, on September 18th from 11:30 am.

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  • Date:18/09/2022 au 18/09/2022
  • Time:11:30 - 17:30
  • Cost:Gratuit comme toujours :)
  • Type:Kermesse

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