Cultural programme

  • Exhibition

    The Halles Saint-Géry produce and host exhibitions throughout the year. With Brussels’ cultural heritage as a focal point, they seek to promote aspects that characterise the uniqueness of the capital. With 5 exhibition spaces spread over 3 floors, the Halles Saint-Géry offer the public and those involved in cultural and artistic activities a unique, free venue for discovery, expression and sharing.

  • Performances

    With their unusual, yet complementary spaces, the Halles are the ideal venue for hosting all types of artistic performances and expressions. Audiovisual shows, dance, performing arts and film screenings feature among the many lively activities that seamlessly blend in with the exhibitions and establish interaction with the building’s architecture.

  • Music

    Located in the heart of Brussels, in a bustling neighbourhood, the Halles Saint-Géry are a major venue for showcasing local music. With an eclectic, inclusive and intergenerational programme, the venue hosts music events in the form of concerts and DJ sets every Friday and Saturday throughout the year.

  • Labo / Residences

    The Halles Saint-Géry are all about discovery, experimentation and creation. As such, our spaces can be made available for multidisciplinary artistic development projects.


    The different spaces at the Halles can host all types of workshops, for young and old.

Explore the Halles Saint-Géry

  • The Information centre in the Halles Saint-Géry has several functions.  As well as being a physical information point for all our activities, it serves as a reference point for any question connected with the architecture, heritage and history of Brussels via its diverse range of books and brochures. It offers free guided tours of Place Saint-Géry and the square’s immediate surroundings – a real treasure trove of Brussels’ urban heritage. You can also see the last open-air remnant of the Senne!

  • The genuine friendliness of Brussels can be experienced in the bar area of the Halles Saint-Géry. Savour delicious beers produced in our microbrewery and matured in our cellars, and enjoy a meal on the weekend, all with free Wi-Fi.

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