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ART NOUVEAU, art for all ?

The exhibition “ART NOUVEAU, art for all ?”, presented at the end of the Art Nouveau Year programme, invites visitors to reappropriate objects and subjects from Brussels Art Nouveau house museums.

Through a participatory and multidisciplinary experience, the project establishes a dialogue between contemporary social issues and opens up new narrative perspectives. Exhibited in a Fascinations Showroom, various exploration paths invite visitors to become captivated by and to reflect on Art Nouveau. The ambivalence of this movement, presented in the form of fascinating stands, leads to many subjective interpretations. The exhibition questions the challenges of the post-museum era by creating a space where visitors can express themselves, touch and hear several voices.

The Art Nouveau Brussels 2023 programme is run jointly by urban.brussels and visit.brussels.

This project brings together a hybrid group of researchers, associations, artists and citizens. The exhibition in this laboratory discusses new perspectives and reinterprets the current slogan “Art Nouveau, art for all”.


Curators - Ema Tytgat, Luna Van Aubel

Artists - Ayla Kardas, Camille Thiry, Charlotte Burgaud

Designers - Shady Systems with Jan Rymenants, Vic van den Bossche

Artistic collaborators - Les Microsondes

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  • Date:06/01/2024 au 30/04/2024
  • Time:10:00 - 18:00
  • Cost:Gratuit comme toujours :)