• Exhibition

ARCHI BX, 1900-2000

Archi BX (1900-2000) explores the architectural whirlwind which was 20th Century Brussels, and the unsettled path trodden by Modernism.
It is a passage through time which highlights the breaks, the continuities and the changing aspirations which marked the 20th century.
It is also an artistic depiction of a series of buildings in a manner which has been deliberately taken away from the chaos of the city, and set in a surreal context.
Placing them in new settings can reveal the esthetic power of these works, be they iconic or little-known, and can show the imaginations which lay behind their creation.

Images & texts : Gaspard Giersé - Les Visites de mon Voisin
Graphic assistance: Camila Guzman M.

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  • Date:21/02/2024 au 16/09/2024
  • Time:10:00 - 18:00
  • Cost:Gratuit
  • Type:Exposition
  • Space(s):Cellars