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Conceived in the context of the Art Nouveau year, « Daughters » proposes to create a dialogue between past and present by connecting female Art Nouveau artists and contemporary female artists practising the same mediums (textile, silk painting, sculpture, engraving, etc.). The aim is to present and promote these artists and observe how their shared practice creates a genuine link among them.

While the Art Nouveau style advocated equality among all the arts, at the turn of the twentieth century, gender parity was far from being a reality. While some Art Nouveau artists have gone down in history, those are rarely women, unless they are associated with men. This invisibility is sometimes linked to the fragility of the chosen medium, but is most often due to the dictates of society that tend to forget women's work.

The Art Nouveau Brussels 2023 programme is held jointly by Urban, visit.brussels and their stakeholders.

Photographer and artistic director : Barbara Salomé Felgenhauer

Authoress : Léone Drapeaud

Graphic designer : Céline Boveroux (Studio la Folie)

Floral scenographer : Elléa Cartier

Assistants photographer : Camille Poitevin & Anna Safiatou Touré

Artists : Olga Boiché, Laura Bossicart, Lou Cocody Valentino, Brigitte Danse, Camille Dufour, Chanel Kapitanj, Mégane Likin & Zyle

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  • Date:29/09/2023 au 31/12/2023
  • Time:10:00 - 18:00
  • Cost:Gratuit comme toujours :)