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New Ways of living

European cities are undergoing a major transition in response to socio-cultural, economic and climatic challenges, which have accelerated in recent years as a result of international crises. What's more, our society is constantly evolving to adapt to changing values. In recent years, we have seen an acceleration in the diversification of ways of living and working.

The relationship between shared space and private life has changed, as has that between work and the community.

To cope with this transition and to create a resilient, green and healthy habitat that is good for all, based on a place with an appropriate density to reduce urban sprawl, with appropriate use of the available open space, creative solutions are needed for both the existing and the new built environment.

Whether for temporary or permanent housing, the traditional way of designing our community can no longer be the only norm. In this sense, cities are becoming laboratories for sustainable solutions to an inclusive mix of new ways of living, working and playing that go beyond market-based models.

By adopting new lifestyles today, we are contributing to the city of tomorrow.

Urban.brussels organises this exhibition as part of the Brussels cultural programme under the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The exhibition is also linked to the Brussels Declaration of European mayors, "A European urban policy fit for the future" and to the challenges European cities and regions are facing to achieve an inclusive, high-quality housing policy.

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  • Date:16/05/2024 au 29/09/2024
  • Time:10:00 - 18:00
  • Cost:Free
  • Space(s):Mezzanine